AEG Facilities is one of the world’s most experienced and trusted global convention management companies. Each venue works tirelessly to ensure every convention or special event we host are not only outstanding successes, but are memorable too. So how do we do this — what is the AEG Convention Centre ‘X-Factor’ which facilitates success? We can answer that with two words; Our People.

Our People Give Your Event the AEG Advantage

Whilst superb facilities and stunning locations are critical factors when selecting a venue for your convention or event, we have long understood that the quality of the experience provided for event organisers and their attendees also comes from the quality of the people who host and manage the venue.

Our venues seek the best and brightest in the industry who are passionate about providing the world class hospitality and customer service we are known for. This is our ‘X-Factor’ and it is a key pillar of the ‘AEG Advantage’ and why we strive for every event to be a triumphant success.

World class training

At AEG Convention Centres, great people are intrinsic to our DNA. They are carefully selected for their can-do, solution focussed attitude and exceptional people skills! Many have honed their experience across multiple venues providing valuable perspective on delivering international standards of hospitality and shared across the group.

Our people are constantly developing their skills with new challenges and opportunities. Our unique training programs keeps them engaged, motivated and passionate about what they can achieve both as individuals and as a team. Our dedication to our people also explains why our AEG Convention Centre retention rates far exceed the industry average. This provides clients with continuity of service and strong, trusted relationships forged over many years

A Culture of Hospitality

When your people are happy, your clients are happy.”

This attitude is pivotal to how we continually deliver extraordinary hospitality and service. Whilst all our AEG Convention Centres work hard to build expert teams of solution finders, we ensure their working environment is instilled with a strong culture which is inclusive, friendly and professional. This creates the perfect springboard for our people to shine and deliver genuine, heartfelt hospitality for everyone who experiences an AEG venue.

We think our people are one of our greatest and most cherished assets and should you experience any one of our award-winning venues, we believe you will think so too

3rd May 2017

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