“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

There is no greater indicator of how someone feels about you than the level of trust they place in you. This month we explore the relationship between reputation and trust, why it is so important and how our clients believe AEG Convention Centres deliver it.


Reputation is defined as ‘a widespread belief that something or someone has particular characteristics’. Your reputation is both powerful and compelling because it is formed largely from the opinions of those who’ve experienced your products and services – it is their testimonial to how you have conducted yourself and helped solve their problems – it can take many years to build and can only be earned.

The value of a good reputation is transparent; for new and potential clients it helps forge that critical first impression of AEG’s ability to deliver success, providing reassurance that AEG will do it again in the future. For existing clients, there is significant comfort in knowing their convention is in safe hands (along with the pride they feel from the accolades their delegates offer them!).

AEG Convention Centres believe a positive reputation is the cornerstone of everything we do. There are seven key elements we deliver that constitute the AEG reputation:

  1. Genuine partnership
  2. Reliability and absolute integrity
  3. Consistent delivery of superior quality
  4. Extraordinary hospitality
  5. Innovative problem solving
  6. Successful delivery
  7. Genuine, transparent relationships

This last point is very important to us because we recognize the success of our organization depends on the strong, long-term relationships we have built internally and externally. We share with our clients a professional commitment along with many valued personal friendships.


When we talk about ‘experience’ we refer to two very clear definitions. We take them equally seriously, because together they are critical to substantiating a respected and genuine reputation:

  • First the experience we have attained over many years of successfully managing world class convention centres
  • Second (and perhaps more importantly) the experience clients and attendees have had of our fabulous service and stunning venues and how they describe them

Over many years, we have consistently demonstrated our dedication to our client’s success. As a result, they have said many great things about us. We have selected a few for your consideration:

“Reputation and ease of doing business is a major factor in selecting new destinations and venues. Like Maritz Global Events, AEG and its global convention centre teams recognise that when you continue to provide exceptional service with exceptional standards wrapped up in a highly desirable destination, every event will be a success every time. To us, that is the real advantage.”  

Ben Goedegebuure, Global General Manager, EMEA, Maritz Global Events

AEG’s integrity, leadership and expertise is second-to-none in the venue management. We have worked with AEG on various large-scale tradeshows in the Los Angeles area for over a decade. AEG always exceeds our expectations in the partners and vendors they select, to their team approach with every event we bring to LA. It’s our “go-to-city” because of the tremendous support we receive from AEG.”  

Mary Dolaher, former CEO, IDG World Expo

“Over the past 34 years, Carillon Conference Management (CMM) has worked with every convention centre and most major conference hotels in Australia and many venues internationally. Bidding for every major convention is like a mini Olympic bid, to be successful one must deploy high level diplomatic, political and economic skills. AEGs long-term immersion in the business of attracting conferences has given the management of BCEC exceptional ability in this regard. They are in my view the most exceptional venue sales and management force in Australia and internationally.”  

Ashley Gordon, Director, Carillon Conference Management


There is nothing more fulfilling than earning the trust of others. It is an indicator that we have successfully and consistently delivered on all our promises.

At AEG we value the trust placed in us so highly, perhaps above all else, because it helps facilitate greater transparency, collaboration and continual improvement with what we do to ensure our client’s next convention with us is even better!

Quantifying Success

What are the results of the trusted relationships we’ve built? How do we quantify success for our clients? What is the proof in our pudding?

The data we gather, review and analyse from every convention or event we host is essential to providing key measures to client success. It also helps guide our future work, helping us improve our services and facilities.

Facts and figures speak for themselves, however we also read between the lines to garner valuable insights and learnings. We also conduct post-convention interviews with our clients to understand what can be improved and how we can help them plan for their next event.

Here are some of the key statistics which relate purely to the nine AEG Convention Centres (two of which have been operating for less than 12 months) from within our global network of 130 venues:

Over the past five years;

More than 19,000 events held, attracting over 27 million attendees, including 1,600 conventions and conferences, attracting 3.6 million participants.

Over the past ten years;

More than 36,000 events held, attracting over 46 million attendees, including 2,800 conventions and conferences, attracting 4.7 million participants.

And with repeat clients far exceeding 60% at established AEG Convention Centres, we believe this is a reputation you can count on!


Want to know more?

For more information about our reputation, image requests, media interviews, or how AEG Convention Centres can build a trusted relationship with you, please connect with our venues or:

Rochelle Uechtritz Director, International Market Development AEG Convention Centres

P + 61 400 253 392

E ruechtritz@aegworldwide.com

11th July 2017