When attending a busy conference it’s easy to miss out on the local experiences on offer. AEG Convention Centres are uniquely placed to provide local culture reassuringly packaged with AEG’s global expertise.

Attending international conventions and conferences should be an interesting and fulfilling experience, however the reality is that time is short and there’s much work to be done. Often, the only experience attendees have of the destination is through the window of a taxi. If you’re fortunate, you may have a limited window of opportunity to check out what’s going on, but where do you go, what do you do – what’s the best use of your time?

Celebrating Local Culture

Every AEG Convention Centre celebrates the local culture, individuality and character of every destination conveniently within each centre. And because they are strategically placed at the cultural heart of each destination, there’s always something worth seeing nearby. Each venue is architecturally design to emphasise the character of a place, to bring the outdoors indoors and connect you to the city and its people.

That way, even if you’ve not ventured out and about you’ll feel as though you’ve been a part of the local culture.

Local Staff, Global Training

AEG Facilties goes to great lengths to find local teams with international knowledge who can help facilitate memorable experiences. Your attendees, sponsors and exhibitors can tap into this pool of local cultural knowledge. Whilst anyone of our extended family can help, we also employ many regional specialists, who provide a concierge style approach to guest services.

Our expert teams are selected according to AEG’s rigorous professional global standards; for offering world-class hospitality. What’s more they receive regular training to improve the experience they offer.

Local Flavours, Beautiful Food

Extraordinary cuisine is one of the defining characteristics of every AEG Convention Centre. With internationally awarded chefs, we provide what is regarded as the best food service in the industry. That’s because it’s made fresh from locally sourced produce to create the signature dishes of each destination – the flavour of each country – all within easy reach. For the not so adventurous, there are delicious international menus on offer too. Plus we are always prepared for those with specific dietary preferences.

Exceptional Organisation Gives You More Time

Each AEG Convention Centre is precisely run, with well-oiled organisation and state-of-the-art technology to efficiently guide you between sessions, so you and your attendees will find there’s more time for the things you’d rather do.  

Experience More

In the last decade, AEG Convention Centres have successfully facilitated local cultural experiences for more than 46 million attendees at over 36,000 events. All have been delivered through the trusted, AEG global expertise you can count on.

If you want your next event to offer more, contact us to see how we can give you the advantage of global expertise and local culture.

Want to know more?

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9th August 2017