Few places capture the spirit of Australia better than the Darwin Convention Centre – friendly but professional, casual but hardworking, innovative but trustworthy. It is the ideal place for relaxed networking.

Every year, the Darwin Convention Centre hosts hundreds of successful business and community events for both Australian and international clients: 2000-delegate conferences, high-profile business summits, interactive public and trade exhibitions, awards ceremonies and gala dinners, themed outdoor cocktail functions, concerts by touring performing artists, exciting sporting events, glamorous fashion parades and bespoke intimate dinners.

For almost ten years, the Darwin Convention Centre and its team of professionals have built a reputation for delivering outstanding events, first-class dining and excellent customer service.

The Centre continues to secure a wide range of major conferences and events – everything from international medical conferences to the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair, from the Trucking Australia Conference to the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, from Suzi Quatro to the Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology Scientific Meeting.

“We held a three-day conference of about 850 people in Darwin last year. People came from all over Australia. The Darwin Convention Centre was an amazing venue. Big enough to have all the break outs—plenaries, trade shows and places for lunch. After that we held a national Indigenous awards ceremony for 1600 people, and again, it was a magnificent facility.

Having events in Darwin really changed the atmosphere of the conference. It turns into something much more social. In other places, you’re in your hotel room, go to the conference, go back to your room, have room service, and that’s it. Here you sit down with fellow delegates, and it’s very social. It just makes the delegates’ experience so much more special.” John Paul Janke, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies 

Darwin is truly Australia’s Gateway to Asia.

Geography helps in another way – Darwin’s position at the top of Australia used to be considered its greatest drawback. But the emerging economies of Asia, particularly China and Indonesia, make it the city’s greatest asset.

Darwin’s central location provides a perfect opportunity for the Centre to become the ideal business events venue for conferences wanting to attract both Australasian and Asian delegates.

The city has 485 million people living within a four-hour flight north; make it five hours and the figure grows to well over one billion.

Within that four-hour radius there are eight capital cities, 36 trading ports and 69 international airports.

“I’ve seen a lot of convention centres all over the Asia-Pacific, and  the Darwin Convention Centre is state-of-the-art. An absolutely amazing function space. There’s a lot of rooms to choose from—different sizes for breakout rooms. A highlight for me is being able to go to one place and it has everything.” Jane Reibelt, Adobe


Hosting a conference in Darwin allows organisations to connect with people and feel part of a team working together.  The Darwin Convention Centre has strong partnerships with the Northern Territory Convention Bureau and the Northern Territory GovernmentThe Centre also has relationships with the world-renowned Menzies School of Health Research and Charles Darwin University.

Darwin is home to many developing industries including tropical health and research, renewable energy, agribusiness, energy and minerals, environmental services, defence, international education and training.

The Northern Territory Government understands the importance of business events to the NT economy and working in partnership together.

“We are proud of our ongoing investment in Darwin’s world-class convention centre.  It is an essential asset in supporting our tourism industry and the economy. Last year, the Darwin Convention Centre contributed AU$26 million in visitor spend.  Also the benefits for the region are far beyond the events themselves, with lasting legacies not only for the delegates who come to experience the conference but for the people of the Northern Territory.” Minister for Tourism and Culture Lauren Moss

Darwin is able to bring people together. Every business event has the support of the bureau, government, local businesses, industry and network of event services suppliers.  It is a team effort from beginning to end.“  Janet Hamilton, General Manager, Darwin Convention Centre

Building Relationships

The Darwin Convention Centre prides itself on the connection it builds with its clients.  Delivering an event is not just about ensuring the room is set up, the food is served on time and the technology is working.  It is about helping their clients bring their event vision to life.  Understanding the core objectives of the conference, whether that be providing their delegates the spaces to be creative, providing opportunities to connect or just to have time to explore the breath taking destination, the Darwin Convention Centre focuses on nurturing the partnership with the clients.

The Darwin Convention Centre’s relationships with their clients encourage events to evolve.  The Centre has become home to the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair (The Fair) and is internationally recognised as the most prestigious national, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art fair.  This year has seen a record number of 67 Indigenous owned and operated Art Centres from around Australia come together to showcase the work of over 2,000 artists.

The Fair showcases the work of talented emerging and established artists, and provides a space for visitors to meet the artists and learn from the variety of different cultural groups across Australia. There is a range of styles, mediums and products available including: paintings on canvas, bark paintings, works on paper including limited edition prints, sculpture, didgeridoos, fibre art, silk fabrics and cultural regalia. The diversity of Indigenous art at the Fair is truly remarkable.

Also, the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair boasts a program of artist workshops, spectacular traditional dance performances, children’s activity stations, film, fashion and more. It provides a unique opportunity to purchase stunning art and experience the rich diversity of artwork that has been inspired by Australia’s most remote desert and coastal regions, to rural and urban communities.

Meeting the artists and discussing their backgrounds and work is one of the unique aspects. You are able to gain a real insight into how the artists learnt their craft and the fascinating stories and history behind their beautiful art works which add an extra layer of meaning to the experience.

Over the 11 years of operation, the Fair has generated more than $9.5 million in sales for the Art Centres, with 100% of sales going back to the Art Centres’ communities.  2017 saw over 11,000 visitors attend the event with nearly 5,000 people coming from interstate and over 500 international buyers.

The Darwin Convention Centre feels very honoured to be the home to the Fair as they recognise the importance of the work that the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Foundation is doing to support Indigenous artists.

“It is quite amazing how the event continually evolves, and our partnership with the Darwin Convention Centre plays a significant role in that. Each department is wonderful to work with and all the staff are so kind, hardworking, respectful and accommodating” Claire Summers, Executive Director, Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair.

With some 23,000sqm of space that includes a 1200-seat tiered auditorium, 4000sqm of exhibition halls, 225 exhibition booth spaces and seven concurrent meeting spaces, the Centre has built a global reputation as a world-class venue.

As you can see the Darwin Convention Centre is truly a place like no other.

Upcoming Events Calendar

The current conference season has been a busy one thus far.  Some of the highlights to follow include:

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13th September 2017