Success is forged from powerful relationships.

Operating a global network of convention centres is rather like maintaining a high-performance engine. There are thousands of moving parts, each of which require the attention of experts to ensure smooth and uninterrupted service. But, what makes a team truly successful is how it works together.

This spirit of collaboration can only be forged from the relationships we build and why AEG work hard to build a culture where they can be forged.

Internal relationships create better external ones

AEG are a global organisation with a ‘village-like’ approach to how we work together. The relationships we have built internally are based on communication, trust and understanding and whilst we operate across the world, we work together as one team. It is a culture where we give each other permission to talk directly and freely to the right person to execute the right decision ultra-fast. As a connected network of expert professionals, we can call on each other whatever the challenge.

Open and frank discussion is built into the fabric of AEG. It makes for a more agile business adept at finding solutions, better services and powerful experiences for clients and attendees at any one of our award winning convention centres.

What’s more, many of those who work within the AEG Convention Centre network have been with us since the pre-opening stages of our venues. That is more than 20 years. It’s widely regarded that AEG have one of the lowest turnovers of staff in the hospitality industry. Longevity of service contributes considerably to building solid experiences.

Client relationships

When you have a compelling internal culture it is inevitable this spirit will extend beyond to clients and attendees. This is critical because it creates an atmosphere of friendship and collaboration – and what can be more important than that when considering a venue for your event.

Based on transparency, integrity and consistent delivery, our client relationships are often long-term, creating continuity of standards for repeat events and smoother operations. We value those we’ve built with event organisers and planners as much as those we have within AEG, not simply because we are often their convention centre network of choice, but because many life-long friendships have formed.

Community relationships

Engaging with the community is essential for creating successful events and why AEG executive teams are wholly and solely immersed in the convention industry and building stronger relationships within it.

They are renowned leaders in their field, who give back to the global industry with expertise, mentoring and serving in voluntary positions, executive committees, task forces and industry bodies, such as;

Each and every one of our Convention Centres are immersed in the local community too; fundraising, organizing events, fun-runs and other initiatives which build relationships and trust.

Strong relationships build opportunity for clients

Good relationships equate to good business and not just for our venues. They ensure each event held runs smooth, efficiently and successfully and why AEG Convention Centres boast up to 67% repeat business. Of course, we understand that consistent delivery is essential to this too and why we do not rest on our laurels. Ever.

Beyond analysis of facts and figures, we judge our performance by the testimonials our clients offer us about their experiences:

“Our Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) delegates rated this event amongst one of the best conferences they have attended with the highest ever satisfaction rate from exhibitors of 83%. From the very special opening by Buzz Aldrin, the hologram of Kevin Spacey, closing lunch with Stephen Fry and then all the sessions in between, I truly believe this was an unprecedented experience for our delegates. 

But with the program aside, we need to acknowledge hosting the event at a world class venue such as the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre contributed highly to the overall success. Our Event Manager, Merryn Jones looked after ASFA in 2011 and this continuity of our relationship and her knowing the ASFA conference, was a recipe for success in our minds,” Nicolette Hughes, Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA), 1,900 participants

“Selecting Cairns was the easiest decision the Australasian Council of Woman and Policing had to make.  Being the international gateway for the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest, what more would our delegates need to be tempted to come to beautiful Far North Queensland. 

“The staff at the Cairns Convention Centre sealed the deal with the fabulous working relationship which they have established with our Conference Steering Committee.  The assistance they have provided was paramount to our successful bid to host the 55th International Women and Law Enforcement Conference in 2017,” Debbie Platz, President, Australasian Council of Women and Policing for the 55th International Women in Law Enforcement Conference, 1,200 delegates

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13th September 2017