AEG Convention Centres consistently win industry accolades and accreditation for their extraordinary levels of hospitality and service. We are committed to attaining these awards because it offers our clients proof of exceptional capability and more importantly, the trust and peace of mind that we’ll make their event successful and memorable. 

Our Standards are Anything but Standard 

Alongside all the great things you’d expect from an AEG venue; such as superb facilities, outstanding food, amazing people and stunning locations, we work hard to ensure our quality standards are several steps beyond. But how do we do this? 

Central to our approach is the understanding that every single event our venues host (even repeat events) offer unique challenges and consideration. We begin by asking the same fundamental question: 

“What is the best way to make this event a success?” 

This question is at the heart of everything we do, empowering us to keep an open and inquisitive mind to reinvention and adjustment. We ask this question throughout our process and beyond so we can better every detail of the service we provide clients and guests. 

The Acclaimed Advantage 

Our people take great pride in the many achievements they’ve made because it is the result of hard work and persistence behind-the-scenes. Each facility has a mission to constantly improve every aspect of their service. 

This is the reason why the independent industry regulators who govern standards and accreditation consistently award AEG Convention Centres the very highest accolades. No other network of venues can claim as many top-notch awards. 

These accolades are your assurance of outstanding quality at every point of the AEG Advantage experience. They’re our ‘rock-solid’ guarantee that your attendees will not be disappointed and our commitment to you to take away the stress and anxiety of event organisation. 

World Class Internal Programs 

AEG has instigated several long-running internal programs to help maintain and develop our exceptional standards across the entire AEG global network. They encourage our people to take it to the next level and are pivotal in why we are so highly regarded. 

AEG internal programs include; 

  • AEG Encore is our Guest Services Training Program for all AEG staff guiding them with how to offer the very best hospitality through the services we provide. This program is also extended to our partners and contractors to ensure even our supply chain is thoroughly ‘AEG’. 
  • AEG 1 Force is our hiring initiative for finding new people who are local to venue. This helps ensure that each venue capture the local flavour and nuances of the venue location. It also helps us find those who will share and add to our vibrant culture. AEG 1 Force creates a happy, diverse and inclusive workplace for all employees. 
  • AEG S.A.F.E. is our award-winning program which helps us mitigate and manage risk, promoting a safe and secure environment for staff and guests. We take security seriously, so that our guests can relax and immerse themselves in the event they’re attending. 
  • AEG 1Earth is our environmental sustainability program which guides how we can minimise the impact of our activities on the planet. 

Internal Programs with Local Flexibility

AEG also promote flexibility at the local level for venues to create policies and service guidelines which address local challenges and highlight local benefits. This provides diversity and individuality within our network whilst adding to the overall AEG international standards framework

For example, ICC Sydney have introduced a groundbreaking program called ‘Feeding Your Performance’ which spearheads their commitment to food service excellence. Supporting locally grown seasonal produce from the state of New South Wales not only makes for world class cuisine but it reduces their carbon footprint. This outstanding, fresh produce is incorporated into award winning cuisine designed to help energise guests to more effectively engage with the event. 

Another great example is Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre’s ‘Accredited Suppliers Programme’ which has been at the forefront of enhancing the local supply chain and has helped develop Malaysia’s business event proposition, prompting industry players to raise the quality of service delivery. This has had a profound effect helping the Malaysian business community and local industry be more competitive in the international marketplace. 

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre have created the ‘Special Dietary Kitchen’ which caters for the increasing demand for special dietary needs – within the new ‘Fill up on Life’ menus 75% of the entrees and mains have been deliberately structured to be Gluten Free. The Special Dietary Kitchen also includes online ordering – believed to be a first for Australian convention centres which streamlines and simplifies the dietary process for both the Centre and for clients. 

Winning Awards that Matter

There are many awards on offer, but AEG Convention Centres only enter (and win) those that are both independent and matter the most to our clients. Over the last five years and out of 200 leading international convention centres, AEG venues have consistently won or been a finalist for AIPC’s Apex Award for World’s Best Congress Centre. This award is made bi-annually in recognition of the highest client rating received by a convention centre on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of centre performance based on customer satisfaction surveys. 

AEG’s Darwin Convention Centre and Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre have been named as finalists in this prestigious award.

The Accolades we Value Most 

Whilst we love winning industry awards, the accolades we are most proud of are those we receive from our clients about how we’ve helped make their convention successful: 

“It is by no surprise that the Hawai’i Convention Center continues to earn awards in the business, they are an extraordinary group, I often go back to the US mainland and talk about that the HCC is one of the best one of the best run convention centres, they will do anything you need to get the job done, and not only that they work with you as partners for years before and after the convention.” 

Christine Phelps, Deputy Executive Director, American Academy of Neurology 

“Even for an internationally renowned venue like the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC), which is accustomed to large-scale events, the G20 Leaders’ Summit was something well beyond the ordinary. When world leaders and other international influencers talk about the success of the Brisbane G20 Leaders Summit, it will be the BCEC (and perhaps the koalas) that everyone will remember.” 

Ms Bernadette Welch, Head of G20 Operations, G20 Taskforce, The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Australia 

“The Darwin Convention Centre is one of the best venues we have ever used. I’ve been involved in organising events in Macau, Australia and in various countries around the world, I think we came here feeling that the Darwin Convention Centre would do a great job, however the team did an absolutely outstanding job!” 

Mr Charles Henry, Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand and Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific for Tupperware 

Not all venues are created equal 

We understand how confusing and difficult it can be when selecting a suitable venue for an event. However, not all convention centres are created equal and at AEG we think you deserve the best. That’s why we encourage you to read between the lines and ask three simple questions of a potential venue to give you clarity on whether they will live up to their promises: 

(1) Is this venue accredited? 

(2) What accolades has it achieved? 

(3) What experience have other clients had? 

If the answers are not “Yes”, “Lots” and “Fabulous” followed by a list of independent accreditation, industry accolades and glowing client testimonials perhaps you should talk to us about how an AEG Convention Centre can give you the Advantage! 

Want to know more?

For more information about AEG Convention Centre Accolades & Accreditation, image requests or media interviews, please connect with: 

Rochelle Uechtritz Director, International Market Development AEG Convention Centres 

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7th June 2017