Nine Principles for Delivering Success

Actions speak louder than words

It’s no easy task selecting the right venue for your event. In a highly competitive market, sensational imagery and glossy brochures may distract one’s attention from what actually matters.

AEG make this difficult decision easier because we’re focussed on what is truly important;

  • Global expertise
  • Tailored strategies
  • Attentive hospitality
  • Beautiful food
  • Stunning venues and location
  • Coordinated services

But what truly counts when the dust has settled is how the entire event experience has been delivered to form a lasting positive impression of an event and the value it has delivered to attendees and organisers.

Our teams work together in unison to position each venue and destination to ensure outstanding delivery consistently.

The Nine Principles for delivering the ADVANTAGE

Every AEG Convention Centre believes their reputation is only as good as the last event they have held. Key to this is are our nine guiding principles which we live by. This is our ADVANTAGE:

A active involvement from beginning to end.

D delicious world class cuisine.

V value add for extraordinary experiences.

A achieve the objectives set out for the event – always.

N nothing is too hard.

T trust that everything will be delivered as promised.

A agility to find the best solution quickly and efficiently.

G genuine, heartfelt, attentive service.

E exceptional planning and execution.

The AEG team exhibits the height of professionalism, and are always straight-forward and well-informed. We approach every show confidently knowing that we have a partner that will help us solve any challenges, and work with us to maximize our chances of success.” Keith Tralins, CEOStan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con

Delivering on Promises

When you deliver on your promises you create experiences which people will talk about and build trust in capability. Our business is built on word of mouth and the positive things people say about us. Outstanding delivery is our motivation to exceed expectations and maintain our reputation for offering the best service in the world.

“When you partner with an organization like AEG you seek global expertise, peace of mind, transparency and quality, pre, during and post event,” Oscar Cerezales, COOMCI Group Asia Pacific

We work hard to deliver this with finesse and consistency and each venue has numerous accolades which substantiate our commitment to delivery:

  • BCEC: Brisbane is commonly described as the “Meryl Streep of venues” for its outstanding performance over 22 years
  • CCC: Cairns is only one of two venues in the world to win the prestigious AIPC “World Best Congress Centre’ twice
  • DCC: Darwin have consistently delivered outstanding events and client testimonials prove it
  • HCC: Under AEG’s stewardship from 2014, Hawai’i has recorded its first ever profit since opening in 1998
  • ICC Sydney: Since opening in December 2016, ICC Sydney has hosted over 1000+ events and welcomed more than 1 million visitors
  • KLCC: Kuala Lumpur continues to excel with an increase of 37% in events for the first half of 2017
  • LACC: Los Angeles generated record-breaking event attendance, economic impact and profits in 2016-17
  • OCEC: Oman celebrate their first year, cementing its position as a premier hub for business by welcoming 750,000 visitors
  • PRCC: Puerto Rico recently marked its first anniversary as one of AEG’s global network of venues

Delivering Much More

The consequences of delivering extraordinarily successful events can be far reaching. AEG are deeply embedded in local communities – by making our convention centres thriving hubs of activity we benefit the surrounding area, develop civic pride and create valuable and sustainable employment opportunities to build happier communities and people. This creates a ‘feel-good glow’ which feeds back into the experience attendees have of the destination.

Our mission, “giving the world reason to cheer,” applies to our approach to business, but more importantly, to the role we all have as citizens.

Over the past 14 years, AEG has raised and contributed over US$90 million in direct financial and in-kind support of charitable, community, and civic programs.

Delivering Economic Growth

We are well known for turning around the fortunes of existing centers – an expertise clearly illustrated in our management of the Hawai’i Convention Center.

 “Its quite a feat. Its like turning the Titanic right side up,” Teri Orton, General Manager, Hawai’i Convention Center

Opened in 1998, the Hawai’i Convention Center averaged annual losses of US$4 million. In 2014, AEG Facilities took over and have consistently shrunk losses whilst simultaneously improving services. Last year, the Hawai’i Convention Center made its first ever profit. This trend is expected to continue and is great news for Hawaiian taxpayers and the local economy; delivering commercial opportunities for the district surrounding the center, including dramatic increases in hotel bookings, retail sales and tourist activity.

According to Jerry Gibson, area vice president for Hilton Hawaii, the achievements of the convention center are critical to visitor industry success: Group travelers are coveted because they tend to spend more than leisure travelers;

“A high percentage of group travelers bring friends and family with them for pre- and post-trips and return to Hawaii for vacations.” Gibson said.

They fall in love with Hawaii and come back”.

 Perhaps that is the most important aspect of delivery; to facilitate a deeper connection to a place, people and venue beyond an event.


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1st November 2017